ECG in Malay Language

There is a need to raise the awareness among subject teachers on the importance of the Education and Career Guidance or commonly known as ECG and values in their subject areas. This video highlights how we connect academic experience in Malay language with students’ career planning. We believe that this exercise will develop greater commitment in students to improve their command of the language. So sit back and enjoy!


Understand Comprehension Passage Through Annotation

This is the first video guide for a video series that explain comprehension strategies popular among ML teachers. You can find the passage used in the video here: Latihan Kefahaman. We hope you find our resources useful. Enjoy!


We will be participating in Kalam Jauhari, an ‘O’ level preparatory workshop for students at Bartley Secondary on Saturday, 24 March 2018. We will focus on guiding students how to use our app – Peribahasa (O Level) – to learn peribahasa more deeply in the workshop.

Please confirm with your ML teachers if your schools are invited for the workshop. If they are, we are excited to see you there.

Oral Videos On Topics from Jauhari Textbooks

We have oral videos on topics from Jauhari textbbooks for all levels. You can view our collection here: (Left panel) What’s in Store>Lisan 1/2/3/4 (Ex/NA). You can find oral questions for all the videos in our apps.

Work on NT and MLB videos are still in progress. We aim to have them ready by the end of the year, if God wills.


Good news!

Our proposal has been accepted by the International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology 2018 organizing committee. We are excited to share how we made use of an app we have created called Saya Boleh Membaca (I Can Read) to promote Normal Technical student’s reading competency. If you plan to attend the conference please drop by to hear us.

Look forward to see you at the iCTLT 2018.