FREE KEMBARA NUSA 1: Android Apps Percuma Untuk Majalah Pendidikan Edufront Learning Centre

We have published  the new Kembara Nusa 1 apps for phones and tablets on Google Play.

Kembara  Nusa 1 is an apps version of the Kembara  Nusa Edition 1 (2016), a termly produced learning magazine by the Edufront Learning Centre. This magazine is among other resources used by the Edufront Learning Centre to develop learner’s interest and competency in Malay language and culture.

The first edition of the magazine is available free now in this apps.

Search “karangkutu” or “Kembara Nusa” on Google Play from your mobile devices.



Using Apps To Promote Better Student’s Understanding in Composition (Karangan) Writing Techniques

Here are some insights how students have benefited from our apps.

Android Apps for Karangan Naratif (N Level Format)

We have published our new Karangan Naratif (Format N) apps for phones and tablets on Google Play.


This apps contains a collection of narrative essays employing Karangkutu writing technique for narrative questions based on N level format. The list of narrative essays is available here.

Search “karangan naratif” or “karangkutu” on Google Play from your mobile devices.

[Infographic] Senarai Tema Untuk Karangan Naratif & Deskriptif

Students will find this resource useful when they think about theme. Each theme is hyperlinked to an Internet resource that provides a story context. To access the story context, click on the image below for a pdf version of the file. Hyperlinks work in a pdf file but are hidden in an image file.
Infographic 6